3 Key Steps To Getting Hired as Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA

“How do I find Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA in your town?”

“What if I don’t have any experience, will they still hire me?”

“Do I need to go to Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA or get a bartending license?”

These are just a few of the questions that come to mind when you’re thinking about bartending as a potential new job or career. If you’ve come here looking for those answers and more, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

This article is about the three main keys to getting a Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA with little to no experience.

First, we’ll assume that you know your sh*t. Meaning, you know your drinks, you know about the bar area itself, all your Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA, you know about the alcohols, customer service, upselling, how you get tipped out, dealing with drunks, dealing with your boss, how the register and computer work, etc, and poke around this site a little as all of that information is available.

First off, when looking for a bartending job, one thing you cannot do is to fall prey to the trap of someone else (*cough* bartending schools) telling you they have the “inside connection” on all the bars that are hiring in town.

Remember this and alway keep it in the back of your mind when talking to anyone about finding aPart time Barman Bartender jobs in USA: the only person who knows who is hiring ANYWHERE, is the manager at that specific establishment.

So if someone (*cough, Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA) tells you they keep in touch with all the managers in town or they know exactly which bars are hiring; if they aren’t a manager at that bar…as Flava-Flav would say…“don’t believe the hype!”

I call BS, and so should you.


Because here’s the way it works in the real world with bartending jobs…most bars, especially the good ones, have people that literally come in and apply EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. On top of that, bar owners and managers are so busy running their business that they don’t have time to keep in contact with an outside “school” to make sure they are thoroughly stocked with back-up bartenders to call upon at a moments notice. Remember, they have prospects that walk in the front door 10 times a day.

  1. Consistency. Consistently make yourself a presence in their establishment. Maybe you already do this? Great! Even if you are the local bar-fly, the point is they know you, and they feel that you know their establishment, which is huge. When I was hired at my current bar, the owners and managers were really concerned that I understood their bar, their customers types, and the flow of business… Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA, it can get super busy all the time.

2   Shaking the hiring managers hand, face-to-face, don’t let it be for nothing. Meaning, FOLLOW UP! Even if you follow up just one time you will stand out MILES from your competition. Why will you Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA? Because hardly anyone ever follows up.


3   Persistence. You MUST be persistent in your actions of going out there, following up, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and MAKING FRIENDS. Its highly unlikely that the first bar, or two, or thirty you apply for Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA. You could get hired at the first place you walk into, it’s all about timing. But you might have to hit a few places and you will most likely need to be persistent in your follow up to each of them several times.

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