How to Get a Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA

Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA require skill, personality, and the endurance to keep working til the lights go out – not always an easy task. Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USAare highly coveted, so before you apply, make sure you’ve mastered the basic skills and memorized the popular drinks. Read on to learn how to land a fun job as a bartender.

Hone Your Skills

Learn how to make drinks. In order to make drinks that look and taste like they were made by a professional, you’ll need to learn basic bartending skills beyond just pouring and mixing. Check out online tutorials with information on the following techniques, then practice them until you have them memorized. Here are some basics you should know before you start looking for a Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA:

  • Shaking. This involves using a cocktail shaker to mix and chill drinks.[1]
  • Straining. Cocktail shakers have built-in strainers, which you use to strain the ice from the liquid.
  • Stirring. There’s a proper way to do this to ensure the drink doesn’t get watered down.
  • Muddling. This involves using a muddler to press the flavor from fresh ingredients.
  • Blending. You’ll need a blender to make drinks like blended margaritas.

Memorize the classics. Start building your knowledge of different types of alcohol and learning how to make the most popular drinks by Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA. To a certain extent, the type of drinks you’ll need to know how to make depends on the bar where you work; a high-end urban bar might focus on specialty martinis, while a college bar might serve a lot of Irish car bombs. Still, no matter where you work, you’ll need the most popular standards in your repertoire. Learn how to make the following:

  • ·         Basic mixed drinks like a whiskey soda, a greyhound, orange juice and vodka, Jack and coke, gin and tonic, and Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA.
  • ·         Other highballs like a bloody Mary, dark and stormy, fuzzy navel, melon ball, and Alabama slammer.
  • ·         Lowballs such as a White Russian, a godfather, and a peppermint patty.
  • ·         Martinis, Manhattans, and Rob Roys.
  • ·         Tropical drinks like pina coladas, daiquiris, margaritas and hurricanes.
  • ·         Shots like a lemon drop, slippery nipple, Jäger bomb or an orgasm.
  • Other cocktails like a mimosa, a mint julep, a mojito, or an Irish coffee.
  • Observe Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA in action. There are little tricks to pouring a good beer, mixing drinks, and saving time behind the bar. Watch how your mixer handles drink orders. Most of it is not rocket science; the most commonly ordered drinks are liquor plus a mixer. Buy drink manuals to learn about the more complex drinks and practice at home.

Consider whether you want to go to Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA. They’ll teach you the basics and you’ll have an opportunity to practice making drinks. Make sure the school you choose has a real working bar and all real bartending equipment. Bartending is a manual skill that requires speed and dexterity. There is no substitute for hands on training.

Apply for jobs you find online. A lot of Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA are advertised on online classifieds websites. Do a job search and keep a list of the jobs that sound appealing to you. Some may ask you to submit a resume online, while others will ask you to come in for an in-person interview.

  • If you’re worried you don’t have enough experience, that shouldn’t necessary deter you from applying. If you’ve practiced bartending skills and memorized the drinks, you may get hired anyway.
  •  Make sure your resume is up to date, well-written, and proofread. Highlight anycustomer service experience you have, not just bartending experience. Any type of restaurant work is also a plus.
  • Some establishments prefer to hire Part time Barman Bartender jobs in USA with no experience because they won’t have any bad habits to break. Experienced or not, the cover letter and resume need to be exciting and pop with personality. A great personality and attitude will elevate you above the competition every time. is open staff vacancies in different field, Kindly Apply now:

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