Targeting Posts For An Upcoming Year – Beneficial Or Not- Google Keyword Planner

Whenever you creating any webpage of post for your website specially for you must give your time in making the correct and meaningful titles right.?  and after you have done with your pages, you just leave them in the Google Keyword Planner to get a google ranking somewhere or to rank in your targeted keywords the ones you are using in your titles and content.
But have you ever noticed that, the posts you are going to write can easily be rank in the current year’s google ranking, if you are already having competition with some really good and authority websites. Or if you are not having tough competitors, Google Keyword Planner then why they are not getting the google rankings and website traffic as expected??? May be you have not created some good quality backlinks for it, can be a reason ofGoogle Keyword Planner.
But But But!!, the point is that, just think a bit in the flashback, when you have created your latest post and what title you have given to it.done! Alright…Now a simple question for yourself. Is that post is google ranking in the top 10 results or is it getting website traffic by any means???, if yes then its good, but if it is not then its time for you to understand that there are already some good stuffs in the Google Keyword Planner for that topic which google understand are the best for this year
You can target your posts for upcoming year. but, to do so you have to be patience till you get results… But anyways, lets get back to the topic. As the title itself describes, that the blog is for 2016 SEO techniques and as the the posts as well, which i have targeted for the upcoming year. My strategy behind doing that is, when i started writing this blog, Google Keyword Planner, we saw that there are already many authority websites that are on the same topic, so there is no chance for my blog to stand with them anywhere and i was not getting any website traffic also at that time.
Now after optimizing my whole blog to target it for upcoming year i.e for 2016, we just sat on the chair and continued to look for its performances in the Google Keyword Planner and tracking a record of how much traffic is it getting month by month.
Here, you can see the data for months, in the beginning time say in Feb month we got 500 views for March only 350 views and the average keeps on going like that, sometime higher for a month or sometimes lower. But, from the last couple of months i can see a gradual increase in the blog performance, especially for the month of Nov, the blog has already got more than 1300+ views and the data keeps on moving upwards Google Keyword Planner And, this is only for the keywords that we have targeted for 2016, this blog isgoogle ranking in #1 position for many keywords as well.
Now this is something important to be look upon, even if you are creating a post which is already been done by somebody else and google ranking in the top, you cannot beat it until you don’t have anything special for it or a specific period of time for the things to be happen. But, while doing this kind of practice the first thing that you have to make sure is that, it is suitable for your post to target it for upcoming year, month etc with Google Keyword Planner. if the things are going to happen in a short period of time, then it is totally waste all you have to use is your Common Sense.!!! Siteseostatus is one of the best platform for make it possible. Target your goal and go for it. siteseostatus provides 85+ Google Analytics seo tools like meta ppc keywords, whois, visitor ip, website analysis, alexa rank checker etc.
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