How To Get 250,000 Real website traffic from Facebook In Under A Month(Google Keyword Planner)

Okay, before we get started, I want to differentiate between purchased followers and real followers on Facebook using Google Keyword Planner. And if you do that, you will ruin your Facebook page. You see, Facebook has an algorithm that looks for these types of activities and Google Keyword Planner. And if they find that your page is indulging in a quick fix, they will penalize you.

Now, even though we’re going to be discussing real followers, this doesn’t mean you didn’t pay for them. Instead, you’ll be paying Facebook. Because Facebook has become a pay-to-play network for businesses for Google Keyword Planner. They just want to make sure that you’re paying them and not someone else.

Alright, so is it possible to get a quarter of a million people to like your page in under a month? Google Keyword Planner, Yes. It’s actually quite easy when you follow a set plan. I’ve done it myself several times over for pages that my agency owns and operates.

You will need time and money to accomplish this using Google Keyword Planner. If you’re expecting to be able to do it for free, then it is still possible, but it is ridiculously unlikely that you can accomplish it in the time frame laid out.

One quick note before we begin. There’s the possibility of “decreasing” your page on Facebook which will attract people to like and follow your page by Google Keyword Planner. You can get people to like your page for anywhere from 30 cents to 2 dollars per follower on average. This is not that strategy.

Step 1
You’ll first want to identify an audience that has a significant number attached to it. By this I mean you want to choose who will be fans of your Facebook page via Google Keyword Planner. And you’ll want to ensure that there are enough of them to warrant a 150,000 follower number. Thus, if you’re creating a Facebook page for dog owners, Google Keyword Planner, choose dog owners. Do not choose hairless chihuahua owners who live in Arizona.

Once you have identified them, you’ll want to create a saved audience in the Facebook ads platform for this group. I recommend creating a half dozen versions of the audience and target them in different ways using Google Keyword Planner.

Step 2
Set up your Facebook page and fill in all the pertinent information. I also recommend creating an Instagram page at the same time since you can receive a lot of collateral benefits on Instagram from your activities on Facebook with Google Keyword Planner. For example, one of the pages that I’ve created on Facebook reached the 150,000 follower mark and the Instagram page reached 30,000 followers in that same time with almost no additional effort.

Step 3
You’ll now want to find out what your audience is engaging with. Go to pages that speak to your target audience and study the posts they are putting up Google Keyword Planner. Then create a posting calendar for your page and emulate those posts. For instance, if you notice that people engage with cute images of dogs at a high rate,Google Keyword Plannerthen you’ll want to source as many of these posts as you can. They may also engage with training tips ,so you’ll also want to work posts in about that topic as well.

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