8 ways to increase website traffic leads on linkedin (Google Keyword Planner)

You just Imagine how our business would look if you get ongoing flood of highly-targeted,  leads on a daily basis. If you are found that how to get traffic using linked in then here we provide best solution of your problem. Get enjoy with Google keyword planner for increase website traffic.
Now a days LinkedIn is the most sturdy business networking site on the planet.  With the lofty average household income over any social networking site, and approx 55% of users being business decision makers, it’s the number one place you should be expending your time when wanting to attract the more and more leads for your business.
There are few ways to attract leads and increase website traffic on LinkedIn, you can implement few ideas today to start to increase website traffic.
1.  Be Specific
Specificity is a key component to getting more leads on LinkedIn.  If you don’t tell people who you are and how you help them in the most basic of terms, then you will befog those who land on your profile.  Be specific with the features like headline, summary, current and past work experiences and specialties. Google keyword planner will help you out for make your decision specific and  it will ensure others know exactly what you do and how you can help them.
2.  Add Websites
I see people who have been on LinkedIn for more than 3 years that still have not tailored their website section.  You can add 3 links to your LinkedIn profile but you want to make sure you tailore what they links say.  Instead of “Website”, rename it “Best Marketing” or “Download Guide” as this will increase website traffic’ Google Keyword Planner, curiosity and make them want to learn more about how they can get what you are offering.
3.  Be Creative
Almost every LinkedIn profile extremely bland or not interesting. If you want to separate yours from the other 70 million boring profiles, it won’t be that hard.  The best way to stand out it to add a video that automatically plays when people land on your profile. You can also share welcome video for attract your clients who praises your business and gives you a great data. You can also try to use Google Keyword Planner for make it more creative because you will get some targeted idea.
4.  Ask to Connect
You want more leads?  Believe it or not, you can just ask for them. That’s right, when someone lands on your profile you don’t want them to leave because you haven’t given them a call to dash and they got bored. You should also reveal and connect with everyone via Google Keyword Planner.
5.  Add Contact Info
It is nice to connect on LinkedIn, especially being that it is the only major social networking site that actually allows you to export your connections. It’s even better to connect via email or over the phone, Google Keyword Planner.  In your summary, make sure to direct people to the contact page on your website, or add your direct phone line to have them reach you in real time and increase website traffic.
6.  Discuss in Groups
Some groups have hundreds of highly-targeted business decision makers for your industry.  The more you add compelling topics, and offer your expertise in the various conversations, Google Keyword Planner , the more people will become aware of who you are, who you help, and what you have to offer.  Another (amazing) thing you could do would be to start your own group.  Here are ten reason to start your own LinkedIn group.
7.  Create an Event on LinkedIn
Want to take the conversation offline and meet more people face to face?  Create a business networking event in your local area and use the Events application to promote it.  You can partner with group owners who have large groups in your area or niche, Google Keyword Planner and make it a free event or charge a small entry fee.  Being the host and organizer of an event gives you more power and opportunities to meet others than just simply attending.  Just make sure you shake everyone’s hand when they enter the event, collect their business cards, and connect as many people together as possible.  This is a great way to get face-to-face leads!
8.  Recommend Others
When someone has a great product or service and you get a lot of results from it, make sure to write a nice recommendation.  The more recommendations that a person has on his profile, the more likely others will be interested in buying from him as well.  This goes back to the reciprocity factor Google Keyword Planner; the more recommendations you give, the more you will receive as well.  By helping others get leads, you are helping yourself get more leads as well, and quality recommendations on your profile could be the decision someone makes to contact you or not.
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