Increase website traffic from Facebook using Google Keyword Planner

” Now catch customers, build bond, and get people to visit your website Google Keyword Planner”
Now found the reason of how facebook will helpful to increase website traffic instantly. Follow we mentioned some steps, so follow some steps and Increase website traffic from Facebook using Google Keyword Planner.
“Facebook is at the very helpful and important us to build brand awareness via nature engagement”
1. Regularly publish engaging content
The easiest way to build engagement and loyalty on Facebook is by sharing interesting ideas, pictures and news of your services on your Page several times a week.
Make sure to include links to your website on your Page posts with clear calls to action, so that people can easily click through to your website and also use google keyword planner.
2. Create Facebook ads to increase website traffic
Facebook Ads to increase website traffic appear as large, clickable images in people’s News Feeds on desktop and mobile devices.
Optimized to get more customers directly to your site with special offers, product sales or exclusive content using google keyword planner.
3. Optimise your landing page
When promoting a URL in your posts and Page post ads, make sure you use relevant webpages that are optimized for conversion.
For example, if you are promoting a new product then make it easy for people to make a purchase instead of taking them to a generic homepage. Optimize the landing page using google keyword planner tool.
4. Target your ads
Facebook has many targeting google keyword planner to help you reach specific groups of people. For example, you can use information such as location, age, gender and interests to show your ads to the right people.
5. Measure and optimize
There are few ways to measure and optimize your ads for improved results.
Optimize for clicks bidding is great for increasing website traffic using google keyword planner, since it optimizes your ad for clicks and your ads will be shown to people most likely to engage with the content.
Now we can say that facebook is best way of increase website traffic. If you need traffic from facebook as well as guide from google keyword planner then to use siteseostatus.
Siteseostatus is one of the best platform which will help you out for solve your problem and also you can take a help from this site.

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