GST Bill – Changes and Update for year 2017

For the long time GST bill has been a Google trend topic in India. This topic is power to revolutionize the entire tax system. On 29 March, 2017 India came a little closer to this sales tax regime after the Lok Sabha agreed to pass four important GST Bill 2017. This 1st July 2k17 . GST apply in India. The four GST Bills that were passed are
1) Central Goods and Services Tax Bill or CGST Bill
2) Compensation GST Bill
3) Integrated GST Bill 
4) Union Territory GST Bill.
Many number of brand and retailers are offering special discounts to consumers to ensure that their sellers’ stock is cleared before the Goods and Services Tax (GST) comes into play from 1st July 2017.
Paytm also holding a “Pre-GST Sale”, over 6000 retailers across 1000 brands. Air-conditioners, Tv and many other electronics products have discounts ranging between 10-40% and also many companies offering 50% on their products.
As indicated by this Bill, administrations won’t be burdened more than 18% and 5% duty will be collected on mass devoured items, for example, bundled salts and flavors in spite of the fact that nourishment grains and other rural items are not going to be exhausted. For most different items and administrations, the closest assessment piece will be relevant. Things by and large utilized by the normal man, for example, toothpaste, oil, cleanser and others will be burdened between 12% to 18% instead of the present rate which is more than 20%.
Different items, for example, clothes washers, coolers, ventilation systems will be burdened at 28% as against the present rate of 30%-31%, in this manner making them less expensive. Extravagance items, for example, extravagance autos, circulated air through beverages and tobacco items would likewise pull in a duty piece of 28%.
GST Bill would not be exceptionally useful for people working in workplaces who get financed items, administrations or eatables as more should be paid because of these things being put under the assessment net. This additionally incorporates participation at wellness clubs, taxi benefits or even medical coverage. Little firms would likewise be hit as though a provider of the organization is not enrolled, at that point the buyer will have endure the worst part of the GST on such a deal.
The administration likewise plans to set up an expert with a specific end goal to check whether there is any diminished in the rate of duty to the purchaser by organizations after GST has been passed.
There are various advantages and disadvantages to this bill and various choices yet to be made. Be that as it may, it is suffice to state that the GST Bill would serve to improve the fairly confused assessment sections that are as of now being used in the nation.

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