7 Effective ways of improve google ranking | Use meta ppc keywords

How to improve your keywords google ranking in 1 of 2 pages? is probably the thousand dollar question every blogger has ever thought. Not long ago, I had shared some best techniques which helped in better google ranking and today I am back with some more advanced and improve keywords google ranking.

Optimize Your Blog Post Title
Your blog post title is the anch text that pulls visitors in from the search engine pages. Be sure to add keywords ones you want to best google ranking for.

Actionable tip 1
Include narrower and more targeted keywords than broad keywords.
Actionable tip 2:
Try using actionable and psychological keywords in your blog post title.
Actionable tip 3:
Google considers 40-50 characters in displaying on a 510-pixel screen which means an average 45 lettered title tag is optimum. You can read more about it here.

Add Keywords To Post and Media
Again, try using various related keywords in the post content that have similar search value. It will help you a lot to get better google ranking.

Internal Linking
Internal linking is one of the safest ways to getting backlinks, meta ppc keywords from your own site. This can also drain some search engine juice on otherwise old posts and eventually help the reader by showing him a related post of value.

Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is not dead and will never die. Yes, but one done for SEO is dead long back since 2013.

You can obviously use guest posts to highlight relevant posts of yours which are in-context. Having a guest post on an authoritative site can boost your blog’s google ranking and search engine visibility.

Blog Commenting
Which was initially done to interact and build relationships is now a good source of getting visibility. You can search keywordluv and commentluv enabled blogs to leave your desired links. Don’t comment on blogs that are spammy and irrelevant to your niche. This will not only prevent your site from being flagged by Google but also help you reduce the bounce rate that the readers of those blogs would bring to you.

Social media Sharing
Though social shares are always a controversial factor of boosting your google ranking, they for sure will help you to higher google ranking on Google. The more the number of social shares, the more is the referral website traffic which in return means more authority and ultimately higher google rankings.

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