40 Fascinating google ranking statistics that you need to know that

SEO industry changes every year at a pace unseen pretty much anywhere else. Here are 40 awesome google ranking facts and statistics that highlight the amazing pace of change found in the seo industry. Now i reveled 40 facts of google ranking

1. The money is still in the long tail. About 50% of all searches are longer than four words.

2. Social media like facebook, twitter is weaving itself into the search engine world, with over 76% of marketers now using social media to support their SEO efforts and also concerntrate on google ranking.

3. Google ranking is trending upwards, making organically listed spaces even more valuable. 80% to 90% of users report ignoring paid ads, instead only focusing on organic search results.

4. The search engine like google, bing  is the portal to the internet. 83% of online experiences begin at the search engine and ways of google ranking.

5. Search is trending of  mobile. 80% of users report using mobile search at work or at home, even though computers may be near by.

6. Blogging is becoming the norm for businesses big and small. 71% of businesses considering their blogs to be an important asset to their business and they are looking for google ranking.

7. Take note of WordPress SEO if you serve smaller clients; WordPress is the foundation of small business. A full 35% of all websites globally use WordPress as their platform of choice.

8. SEO is a major industry, estimated at over 70 billion dollars in value and google ranking.
9. The repetition rule applies online as much as it does offline.

10. Content length matters. The average word count of top google ranking content in Google is between 1,200 to 1,300 words.

11. Google is the dominant search engine with about 2 third of all searches being initiated on its domain.

12. If every person on earth searched 10 times, they still wouldn’t cover all of Google monthly searches.

13. Search queries are increasing as attention spans are going down.

14. Local search is extremely common and extremely valuable. Half of all mobile searches were done with local intent in mind.

15. Change is difficult for business to keep up with. 4 in 10 businesses reported changing search algorithms and budgetary factors to be their most challenging SEO related obstacles.

16. The first position gets an enormous percentage of overall traffic. 1 out of 3 clicks on the organic search results go to the first listing.

17. Social media improves customer trust. 8 out of 10 buyers say they trust a company more when its CEO is active in social media.

18. Search engine use in smartphones is ubiquitous. Almost 9 out of 10 smartphones owners use a search engine at least once a day.

19. Search engines are a match made in heaven with travellers. 60% of travellers report starting their travel plans on search engines.

20. Buyers now turn to search engines for their research. 9 in 10 consumers use search engines for purchasing decisions..

21. Search engines drive content website traffic much more than social media. Search engines, in fact, are the number one traffic driver to content focused sites..

22. Content is king when it comes to SEO google ranking. 82% of marketers worldwide said that content was their most effective SEO tactic..

23. Wikipedia is the favorite child of Google. Over 60% of search queries show a Wikipedia link on the first page of Google..

24. Search engines are an excellent funnel entrypoint. 7 out of 10 marketers use broad keyword searches to bring new leads into the top of their marketing funnel..

25. It is not easy to create new content. 60% of business to business companies say that their biggest challenge is content production.

26. Search engines are originating an enormous share of phone calls. By the end of 2018, an estimated 63 billion google ranking phone calls will originate from search engines on mobile alone.

27. Newsletters are still being read. 50% of marketers say their most effective content marketing strategy to consumers is still eNewsletters.

28. Navigation is extremely important for a good customer experience. Almost 7 out of 10 mobile users will leave a website if the site navigation is difficult to use.

29. Small businesses are finally starting to update their sites regularly. 10% report updating once a week; one out of three, once a month; and one out of five, once per year or longer

30. Content pays dividends. Companies that publish 17 or more blog posts per month received 350% more traffic than companies that published between zero to four monthly blog posts

31. Seven out of 10 business level purchase decisions start from the search engines.

32. Facebook dominates business to consumer social media advertising. 90% of respondents report advertising to their customers on Facebook.

33. Content marketing creates brand awareness. 80% of marketers say that brand awareness has increased as a result of another content marketing.

34. Speed is vital for mobile users. 65% of purchase-related conversations occurred within 1 hour of the initial search on mobile devices.

Speed is vital for mobile users. 65% of purchase-related conversations occurred within 1 hour of the initial search on mobile devices.

35. Online research is here to stay. Eight out of 10 consumers perform research prior to making large purchases

36. Calling readers to act yields results. Emails with share buttons increase google ranking click through rates by almost 150%.

37. Choose the websites you link to carefully. 53% of the google ranking go to first link of the page.

38. Content importance has taken center stage. Four out of five business to business marketers use content for their lead generation efforts.

39. Content quality is the great equalizer. Two out of three smartphone users look for the most relevant information available, google ranking regardless of which company provides it.

40. Descriptions influence visitor behavior. Persuasive meta descriptions,google ranking which appear on the search engine page.

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