Killer Tips to Improve google ranking of a Website | meta ppc keywords

Google ranking is just a ranking factor but it is still very important metric to judge a Website integrity. Before, I am sharing any tips to improve google ranking of your Website, let me please give you some basic information about google ranking.
Google ranking, is a ranking system from Google, in which they give any point from 1 to 10 a site. Google ranking is related to your site quality and backlinks.
Why Do You need to Improve Page Rank?
Let me make some sense to you and why google ranking is useful for your site. Though, many users says, google ranking doesn’t matter in terms of website traffic and it’s right. There is no direct relation with PR and website traffic, but having a good google ranking shows that this is credible site. Better the google ranking is, you can bid higher for ad spots and sponsor ship post.
Unique SEO optimized content:
First of all, the most important step is to create a good unique content for your site or the blog. Search engines love quality and unique content which is been updated on a regular basis and the search engines will crawl your site very often. The fresh content of your site will attract other webmasters to link to your site that will give you a precious one way inbound links. More over, after Google recent post algo, it’s important to have a blog with a decent updated post every month, as you might see your google ranking dropping in search. Maintain a post frequency and make sure you spread your content via social media channel.
 Use heading tags and Keywords:
The best way to be found in Google is by putting yourself in page 1. Obviously, this can be done by few things: Keyword research > SEO optimized post > Social media promotion > Backlinks.
Here is a useful post, which teaches how to do onpage SEO optimization. Basically, you need to take care of your heading tags like H1, H2, h3, Keyword placement, Keyword density and so on.
The very important player in this exercise to improve google ranking of a website is the internal links for a particular site. In fact, the success of the great google ranking is highly dependent on the number of backlinks to a page. Not all links are equal when it comes to backlinks. Links to high page rank sites are more effective  than low page rank sites, but these links should come from relevant sites to have a beneficial effect on the PR.
 Article directory submission:
Write the best quality of articles to the popular and high page rank article directories with a link back to your site in the bottom of the article at the resource box. Some times These articles will be taken by the webmasters and they will publish on their website that will give you a precious one way inbound link to your site. Google considers these links as the famous votes for your website and intern it will help you in increase google ranking.
 Submit blog to Web directories:
A simple way to improve the google ranking of the site is to submit the website or the blog to an appropriate class of Best-ranking web directory. If you submit your site to more and and directories you will get more backlinks, which will increase google ranking .
Organize Blog contest:
Blog contest is like easiest marketing formula a blogger can follow. Being a blogger, you can find many product related to your niche and you can run a contest like write a review and link to your blog, or do social bookmarking voting and get free Google+1 and other votes, which helps in better google ranking. I also suggest to look out this guide on getting free Blog sponsors for contests.
Fix broken links:
This is one thing, which I highly suggest you to do to keep your blog more search engine friendly. You can use plugin like Broken link checker for WordPress, or Broken link checker websites to identify all broken links and fix them. You can also use Webmaster tool to find all broken links and pages linking to it, and work on changing the links or setting up 301 redirection.
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