How Social Media Helps SEO to increase google ranking and website traffic

Everyone are using social media like facebook, twitter and search engine whatever they want. to find anything. Although social media is not a direct become a google ranking factor. Nowadays Social media perform 80% part to make any product or services famous. So use social media to make your product and increase google ranking and website traffic. Here are four ways social media actually does help your SEO efforts.
1. Potential for Links
The more you share your content or blog in social media, the more opportunities people have to see your content and link to it.
In this Topic, a company achieved over 100,000 Facebook sharing to a web page and shot up the google rankings for keywords that were competitive. It still google ranking on top and is a really good example of a nice content creation and promotion strategy.
2. Build an Audience
If You can have the best product with you, but if people don’t know about anything then how can you make it familiar. You have to be proactive and reach people where they are. So use medium of social media and make it famous by sharing it and increase google ranking and website traffic.
3. Branded Searches
When consumers Google your brand name like ABC Limited or XYZ company then, it can help you rank for similar keyword phrases.
For an example of this would be if you have a bundle of users searching “Shirts” and they interact positively with your content, Google would think that since your google ranking well for shirts”, it would be a good t for “shirts” and place you higher for the keyword phrase “shirts”.
4. Helps Promotion
We are focused on social medias like Facebook and Twitter, but we can’t forget YouTube.
YouTube is become the 2nd most-searched search engine. However, most of the YouTube search problems have low commercial-intent, where as Google brings in all the converting customers.
So for purpose of increase website traffic and google ranking we need promotion in YouTube.
As same way of promotion your services
In topics of social media we forgot the use and beneficent of Google Analytics seo tools. We need promotion in google but we also need seo friendly site for your business.
I would like to suggest that use Google Analytics seo tools of siteseostatus and increase website traffic and google ranking. 
Now your selection is in your hand so don’t waste your time to doing wrong choice and use Google Analytics seo tools of siteseostatus
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