Few Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew About | Grow google ranking

SEO still keeps a lot of secrets for a lot of beginners out there, but even advanced users need to be constantly up to date with what happens in the online and internet marketing world.
I have found SEO facts you have probably never heard of before. however, even if you have, this is a friendly about SEO.  There are a bundle of SEO facts and stats out there, with more or less known matters.
1. Duplicate Content never Get You Penalized
2. All Search Engines are not using Links as a Ranking Factor
3. Google+ Is more effective medium for google rankings
4. Rich Snippets Haven’t Direct Impact on google Rankings
5. Content Sites are most effective web sites
6. Object Detection Is a hard google ranking Signal
7. Google has Search Evaluators which will help to determine the Quality of Results
8. A Video on Your Homepage Will create a doubt on Page 1 of Google
9. Travel Time Is a Metric for google ranking
10. Google ranking Events Based upon Popularity
The search engine market is an ever transforming platform where effective SEO still pays the bills and keeps on driving traffic. Google ranking also perform very important role for seo marketing.
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