5 ways to grow your podcast audience with SEO in 2017 | Improve google ranking

In the world of Digital marketing and Lastest marketing Era, it seems like there are always new Google Analytics tools, tips, many tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into our  marketing strategy. How its possible to keep with them?
Of course, you not only need to know how to make better podcasts for SEO, but also how to increase google ranking well on the platforms specific to podcasts. So whether you are starting out podcaster, read on for few tips on how to SEO your podcast.
1. It’s all in title
Now i will explain how title matters. while you want to have a title for your podcast which is very interesting, you shouldn’t have a title which is so obscure or meaningful that it doesn’t explain in clear language what your podcast is about. Make sure to include your most important keywords in the title of your podcast. If your show is already published, you can do this by adding a subtitle. For example, if you see title is “Google Ranking,” and your show is about Stargaze, you can make sure that you’re found by adding a subtitle such as “Google website ranking.”
2. Optimizing RSS feed
It means Your feed is also what provides all your podcast data to these platforms. So when you want to update your title or any description, you first have to update it in your RSS feed. It can take up to 24 hours for updation.
3. Leveraging your website
Your podcast is one type of audio file, but that doesn’t mean that you can not score SEO points by leveraging your website. As SEO practitioners, we are always trying to attract more sites and concerntarte on google website ranking.
4. Recycling content
Making Best content and transforming it into another piece is a best way to leverage resources that you already have to increase your authority and improve your google website ranking on specific topics. You can take the content from your podcast and turn it into articles, blog posts, infographics, slide presentations, videos and so on to get even more SEO value from the recycled content.
6. Podcasting link building
Another way pod casting can benefit your overall SEO efforts is through attracting links. If your podcast content is interesting, informative, compelling, needable and so on, it may well attract links all on its own.
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